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Delmarva Cell Phones has partnered with every major wireless carrier to bring you the largest selection of Free Cell Phones. Every cell phone provider has a selection of new quality cell phones that are available for free with a new cell phone contract agreement. While some free cell phone deals require mail-in rebates, Many are free before or without Rebate!

free cell phones

Sanyo 8200

Only $29.99!
  • Digital Camera Built-In,
    External Caller ID, Voice
  • Sprint PCS Free & Clear Area
    Wide Plan - 1000 Anytime
    Minutes, Unlimited Night &
    Weekend Minutes, Nationwide
    Long Distance

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Motorola V220

Get it Free!
  • Digital Camera, Voice
  • Cingular Nation 450 mins,
    Rollover unused anytime
    minutes, Unlimited mobile
    to mobile

Cingular Logo

Motorola V260

Get it Free!
  • Color Display, Speakerphone,
    Dual Display
  • America's Choice 450,
    Free Nationwide Digital
    Roaming, Unlimited IN

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Motorola i710

Get it Free!
  • Large Color Display
    True GPS
  • Nextel National 1000
    Minutes, Unlimited Direct
    Connect, Unlimited night
    & weekend minutes

Nextel Logo

Motorola V330

Get it Free!
  • VGA Digital Camera,
    Bluetooth Wireless
    Technology, Speakerphone
  • Get More-600 Minutes,
    Unlimited night & weekend
    minutes, Free Digital

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